Are You A Customer That Has Misuse Your Current Credit
 If So, How About A [0 Intro Credit Card] Plus 
s That Give You Choices INCOG? Yes Or No.


To being with, you must be saying to yourself that there's no such thing as a zero
credit card out there Right? well your so wrong and its not commonly known to
anyone nor is it ever made avowedly.

There are so many reason for that, so I won't talk about it but, I will tell you about
these zero products or interest free loans instead OK.

Firstly one must understand this, every credit card out there has a interest free
juncture, it might be 30 days, 45 days and some 60 days.

All this means is, whatever you spend your money on the month before using your
card, must be all payed back before its monthly cycles starts again, is that clear.

What are the draw backs to this product, if you can't budget your weeks before
the cycles being again or some kind of unexpected event happens e.g you should
all no what I mean by this Right? all of the sudden there goes your zero interest
free on your credit card.

Furthermore in saying that, you are now going to pay anywhere from 12% to 25%
on all money own or the remaining balance, it then becomes a catch up game
where so, so many people fail to do so, in addition to all of that one must also
think about this, you will have to pay a yearly fee on that card plus anywhere from
0.5% to 3.5% on all purchases.

So in saying that one must take into account these figures over a whole year and
what is the total cost that no one really takes into account, so its not really a great
solution but its better than nothing to start off with Right? only if you can manage
your weekly budget, OK.

So where can you get these interest free cards or loans you might be asking
yourself by now Right?

Well are you ready for it, here comes the kicker ladies and gents.

To start with, most big department stores offer these products, laybuy terms from
2 to 6 months absolutely interest free on there products or goods, also they might
have a card that goes with that, e.g I no that if you are buying selected items this
product is available, OK

What are the draw backs to this product, some store only let you have the goods
or services after they have been paid in full, I believe this is so better than paying
interest, here is a tip for you, I only by clothes or shoes when they are about to
change season why? they are about 70% cheaper than at the start of the season,
this in turn gives you big savings plus you will own it in a faster juncture frame.

Where Do You Start When It Comes To A CC Choice
Firstly You Must Do Your Home
Work OK, Work Out What You
Need And Want Out Of Your CC

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